Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier

royal canin yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Nutrition Needs

ROYAL CANIN meals, due to their high fat content and optimal amount of protein, satisfy all the nutritional needs of a puppy. Additionally, such formulations easily stimulate appetite in animals.

Royal Canin offers a specialized diet tailored to the unique needs of Yorkshire Terriers. Recognizing that this small breed has specific nutritional requirements, Royal Canin’s Yorkshire Terrier formula targets key areas to promote overall health and well-being.

  1. Hair & Coat Health: Yorkshire Terriers are known for their beautiful, silky coats. Royal Canin’s formula includes essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, along with biotin and other vitamins, to support a shiny and healthy coat.

  2. Digestive Support: The breed-specific diet takes into consideration the sensitive digestive system of Yorkshire Terriers, including easily digestible proteins and prebiotics to promote a balanced gut flora.

  3. Dental Care: Yorkshire Terriers often struggle with dental problems. The kibble size and shape are designed to encourage chewing and help reduce tartar formation.

  4. Weight Management: Offering guidelines based on activity levels, this diet helps manage weight, considering the predisposition of Yorkshire Terriers to gain weight.

  5. Tailored Nutrient Blend: With a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, the diet supports the immune system, meeting the specific needs of Yorkshire Terriers as they age.

  6. Taste: Recognizing that Yorkshire Terriers can be finicky eaters, Royal Canin has crafted a flavor profile that caters to their taste preferences.

Assortment of food

Yorkshire Terrier Adult pate.

This food includes a balanced set of special nutrients responsible for the health of the hair and skin. Its composition features high aromatic appeal, allowing it to easily satisfy the appetite of dogs of this breed. The nutritious pâté has a very gentle consistency and a pleasant scent. It is often sold in small convenient pouches of 85 grams. The following ingredients are used for the production of this food: pieces of fresh meat, meat and vegetable by-products, powdered ingredients, natural oils, mineral additives. Also included in the composition are substances high in vitamins, iodine, manganese, iron, and copper, as well as special technological additives. This pâté is rich in proteins, dietary fibers, and fats.

Yorkshire Terrier Adult pate

Yorkshire Terrier 8+

This dry dog food is suitable for older dogs. It consists of small granules, their shape, texture, and size are specifically designed considering the small jaw of the Yorkshire Terrier. The diet includes the necessary amount of calcium, which is vital for maintaining dental health. If desired, the kibble can be easily softened in warm, clean water. Sometimes they are simply mixed with wet ingredients. The food has a special complex of natural antioxidants, which helps maintain the integrity and health of cells in the body, ensuring proper kidney function. The formula with cucumber oil and fatty acids helps maintain the health of the long fur coat. The formula includes digestible proteins, as well as special natural prebiotics, ensuring optimal gut microflora. This dry food consists of animal fats, grain products, vegetable fibers, grain flour mixture, mineral additives, borage oil, green tea, cartilage, tomatoes (in powder form). The food is rich in manganese, iron, and high-quality safe preservatives. This food is sold in packages of 500 grams and 1.5 kilograms. It can be given to dogs aged eight years and older.

Yorkshire Terrier 8+

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

This food is used for young   puppies. It is made based on a unique formula that helps maintain the health of the long fur coat. Additionally, this type of diet includes a special nourishing complex, which positively affects the animal’s digestive system. The particular shape and texture of the kibble help minimize the risk of tartar formation. The food is sold in packages of 500 grams and 1.5 kilograms. It consists of animal proteins, grains, flour, dried marigold flowers, yeast, soybean oil, and rice grains.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

When making food, special natural preservatives, additives with trace elements, and vitamins are used. The composition is recommended to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Yorkshire Terrier Adult, dry food.

This food is produced based on a unique formula that enables the maintenance of the health of the digestive organs, teeth, skin, and fur coat. The composition comes in packaging amounts of 500 grams, 1.5 kg, 3 kg, and 7.5 kilograms. It is made from cereal components, cereal flour mixtures, plant and animal proteins, cucumber oils, cartilage, dried marigold buds, and yeast. Dietary supplements, which are also used in food production, include iron, zinc, selenium, and iodine. The diet is rich in proteins, fats, dietary fibers, and fatty acids.

york dry food
Yorkshire Terrier Adult,

How Many Times To Feed The Dog

The frequency of feeding a Yorkshire Terrier, or any dog, depends on various factors such as age, weight, activity level, and specific dietary needs. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Puppies (up to 6 months): Generally, puppies need to eat more frequently to support their rapid growth. Feeding them three to four times a day is common.
  • Adolescents (6 months to 1 year): Twice to three times a day.
  • Adult Dogs (1 year and older): Most adult dogs do well with one to two meals a day. Active or larger dogs might require more.
  • Senior Dogs: Feeding frequency might remain the same as adults, but dietary requirements might change.

The frequency and portion size of feeding such a diet will depend on the age and weight of your dog. Thus, for an adult weighing 2 kg, it is necessary to provide 40 grams of food, and with a weight of 3 kg – 55 grams. Most often, the food is given twice a day. A third time, you can use another food to slightly vary your pet’s daily diet.

Yorkie eats caning granules